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Listen to a Life Contest
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This online contest entry form is temporarily not working. It will be online again next week. Please visit again to enter the contest using the form.

If you must enter now to complete a class assignment, then e-mail us your entry. Read through the complete page below. You MUST include all the information requested in the form below – if any information is missing, your entry will be disqualified. Once you have all the information, e-mail to admin@legacyproject.org.

Use this online entry form if you are a young person 13-18 years old and are entering for yourself. When you submit an entry online using this form, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement via e-mail. The acknowledgement only means we have received your entry. You are responsible for ensuring that you have met all the eligibility requirements. Before you submit your entry, you should read the complete contest rules.

WARNING: The Listen to a Life Contest is open to young people 8-18 years. However, by law Internet websites are not allowed to collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. If you are under 13 years (or are the co-entrant, or a parent/guardian or a teacher entering a child under 13 years), click here for the Contact Entry Form.

If you are a teacher entering students and serving as the contact, or a parent acting as a contact for any age of entrant, click here to use the Contact Entry Form.


1. Entrant's First and Last Name
This is the younger team member, the person writing the story about
the older person.

2. Entrant's Age
You must enter your numerical age or your team will be disqualified. Age stated
must be between 13-18 years and as of the date you submit your entry
(if you are under 13 years, use the other form).

3. Co-Entrant's First and Last Name
This is the older team member, the person providing the information to the
younger person.

4. Co-Entrant's Age

You must enter the numerical age or your team will be disqualified. Age stated
must be 50 years or older and as of the date you submit your entry.

5. Relationship of Entrants (click one circle)
Relationship may be grandparent and grandchild (includes stepgrandparents) or
grandfriend and young friend (includes mentors, older adult friends, volunteer
grandparents, nursing home residents, neighbors, etc.). Co-entrant CANNOT
be a parent.
grandparent/grandchild grandfriend/young friend
6. Entrant's E-Mail Address
Online entries without a valid e-mail address will be disqualified. Your e-mail
address will be kept strictly confidential.

7. Entrant's Phone Number (with area code)

Entries without a valid telephone number will be disqualified. Your telephone
number (and your street address below) will be kept strictly confidential.

8. Entrant's Street Address
Complete street address, including apartment number if any.

9. Entrant's City
City or town.

10. Entrant's State/Province

Two-letter abbreviation of state or province.

11. Entrant's Zip/Postal Code

Complete zip or postal code.

12. Entrant's Teacher's Name and School Name

The name of the entrant's teacher and the name of the school the
entrant attends.

13. Your Entry

Type in your contest entry. MAXIMUM 300 words (and every word counts) or
you will be DISQUALIFIED. The entry form does not automatically cut you off
at 300 words, so you must count the number of words before you submit.
Contest entries will be judged by a committee based on the following criteria:
1/3 writing quality, including creative presentation; 1/3 content depth and
evocativeness; 1/3 appropriateness to theme, particularly the ability to capture
a timeless idea, insight, or theme (big or small) based on real-life experience.

14. Total Number of Words

Count the total number of words in your contest entry. Remember, every word
counts and the maximum is 300 words. The number of words will be checked
by the judging committee and your entry will NOT be read if there are more
than 300 words. You will be DISQUALIFIED.

15. Where did you find out about this contest?

Please tell us where you found out about this contest (i.e. give us the name
of the magazine/newsletter, name and city of newspaper, name of Internet site,
radio station and city, teacher name and school, etc.).

If there is a problem with your submission, please e-mail.

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