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7-Generation GTB
7-Generation GTB Circles of Activity


The universe is based on a rhythm of circles upon circles – the movement of the sun, the changing of seasons, the passing of generations. What's the rhythm of the 7-Generation GTB work?

The 7-Generation GTB Circles of activity are like drops of water in a pond – distinct yet interconnected. They are liquid motion, they change, they ripple out possibility.

7-Generation GTB is glocal (local connected to global) and is about people and place – social regeneration (generations in community) and ecological regeneration (community in bioregion).

7-Generation GTB Tree of Life Metaphorically, we're growing a Tree of Life for ecopsychosocial wellbeing – people, community, and planet.

In the crown of the tree are Circles, like a big game of connect the dots. These are the seven broad themes we're interconnecting. We need a whole bunch of people doing a whole bunch of strategically interrelated things across silos to #ChangeTheStory.

For the Circles, we're bringing together several cohorts, like a cohort of the 13 Conservation Authorities in the GTB and a municipal cohort to help create a Portfolio of Projects for large-landscape regeneration (this includes food and water security considerations); a cohort of local business and funding leaders to help create the new Bioregional Funding Ecosystem; a cohort of educators to help shape the Schools Community Network; and a cohort of innovative healthcare practitioners for the Wellbeing Path. Indigenous worldviews and knowledge are being woven into each Circle.
Many Drops
Raindrops create rippling circles, much like the possibilities that can open up with every action we take.

Many drops of water make a mighty river.

Please help spread the word about all of these opportunities. Explore the 7-Generation GTB Circles of activity, and e-mail us if you're interested in getting involved. Check out upcoming events – and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter below.


Bioregional Learning


How can we (re)learn how to live in our place? The GTB Bioregional Learning Center is a keystone structure, that catalyzes and informs activities with coherence. With the main site at The Cedars, there's also a network of sites/programs, as well as schools.
School Community Network


Students, teachers, parents, and older adults in the community come together to learn from and with each other and take collective action on regenerative Legacy Projects. This school community network is part of the Bioregional Learning Center.
Wellbeing Path


I can't be okay unless we as a family/community are okay, and we can't be okay unless we are on a healthy planet. Everything is in relationship. We're using Social Prescribing 2.0 to #ChangeTheStory around health, making it a more holistic Wellbeing Path.
Bioregional Projects


We are bringing together a GTB portfolio of regenerative projects of all sizes. Legacy Projects are the building blocks of the bridge we need to a Bioregional Earth. Carefully chosen and strategically executed, they are "breakthrough" activities to change what's possible.
Bioregional Funding


A local Bioregional Funding Ecosystem is coming together. The GTB can be a global leader in this kind of funding. It helps us clarify what we value and stewards funding to support our bioregional values. It enables regenerative projects and mobilizes resources.