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The Legacy Project's annual Listen to a Life Contest is a team effort – one entrant (young person 8-18 years) and one co-entrant (grandparent or grandfriend 50 years or older).

When you submit an entry online using the appropriate form, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement via e-mail. The acknowledgement only means we have received your entry. You are responsible for ensuring that you have met all the eligibility requirements. Before you submit your entry, you should read the complete contest rules.

To enter online, choose the appropriate form:

If you are under 13 years (or are the co-entrant, or a parent/guardian or a teacher entering a child under 13 years), click here for the Contact Entry Form. WARNING: By law, Internet websites are not allowed to collect personal information from children under 13 years of age.

If you are a young person 13-18 years old and are entering for yourself, click here to use the General Entry Form.

If you are a teacher entering students and serving as the contact, or a parent acting as a contact for any age of entrant, click here to use the Contact Entry Form.

The only way you will receive an acknowledgement is if you enter online using one of the above forms. If you prefer to fax or mail your entry instead, please note that due to the large volume of entries we receive, we CANNOT acknowledge receipt of faxed or mailed entries.