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7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit Feb 5


#ChangeTheStory and Bioregional Learning Centers as a Keystone

Opening Session: Walking a Regenerative Pathway to #ChangeTheStory
9:00 am – 12:00 noon EST (Toronto), virtual

The 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit will be opened by The Honourable David Crombie, former Toronto Mayor and federal cabinet minister, and author of the seminal 1992 Regeneration report which originally defined the Toronto bioregion.


"If you believe that human connection is necessary for human evolution, then the [dinner] table does it better than almost any place." Michael Hebb

The Cedars, on the Oak Ridges Moraine at the headwaters of the Beaver River in the GTB (Greater Tkaronto Bioregion), is the main hub of the GTB Bioregional Learning Center (Toronto, Canada). The heart of The Cedars is the Legacy Table, handcrafted from Heritage Maple and designed to evoke both a spout of water and a tree. The Legacy Table is a place to discuss "the big stuff."

Grab a cup of coffee or cocoa, and join us around the Legacy Table for two provocative discussions that set the stage for the entire week.

Can we #ChangeTheStory? We'll explore ecological and cultural overshoot, life questions, nested stories (your life story in the story of other lives/life on the planet in the even bigger story of lifetimes across generations), existential perspectives, truths and deceptions. This will be the start of a story to start a story that starts a story…

Recommended: Watch the short documentary David Crombie: Championing the Bioregion, and listen to a Message to the Generations in the GTB from Joe Brewer.


Bioregional Learning Centers as a Keystone
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST (Toronto), virtual

"The [Bioregional Learning Center] collects, makes sense of, and disseminates information about the resources of the bioregion, and about the welfare of the people and of the ecosystems… [It's] able to see things as a whole, to look at long-term consequences, and to tell the truth." Donella Meadows

Bioregional Learning Centers are keystone structures – a community-facing learning lab for real-world resilience and inspiration. It can weave together holistic Indigenous knowledge systems with the best of Western scientific thinking to become a place of convergence, co-creation, and innovation across worldviews.

In a changing and uncertain world, how do we (re)learn how to live in our place? What does that mean in practice? How can we be guided by the principles of the Earth Charter while being grounded in a specific place/bioregion? How can we create interconnected stories of place?

Recommended: Check out the GTB: Past, Present, Future video, and read about the GTB Bioregional Learning Center.


Summit Lounge
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm EST (Toronto), virtual

An informal opportunity to meet members of the Design School for Regenerating Earth and other 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit participants – get to know each other and discuss topics of interest. The Summit Lounge is hosted by Roberta Hill, Bioregional Coordinator at the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy in Maine.

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