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7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit Feb 7


Dollars and Sense

Regenerative Economies and Bioregional Funding Ecosystems
9:00 am – 12:00 noon EST (Toronto), virtual

"I know that the current economy is driven by finance and if the economic premise of our entire global economy is in conflict with the laws of physics, we have a serious problem." John Fullerton

It's interesting that "economy" and "ecology" share a common etymological root, yet in our current society they couldn't be further apart.

International thinkers and local leaders will explore alternative financial structures for supporting regenerative projects in bioregions and creating regenerative local economies. We'll look at how we can illuminate and mobilize different kinds of value, especially ecological and social.

Recommended: Read What Do We Value?, the Capital Institute's Eight Principles of Regenerative Economics, and characteristics of an Indigenous economy.


For those in the GTB, there's an option for a customized field site experience at Riverdale Farm from 1-4 pm; register for more details. OR…

Storytelling and Sensemaking
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST (Toronto), virtual

Nora Bateson Featuring award-winning filmmaker, artist, international lecturer, research designer, and author Nora Bateson. Nora is Founder and President of the International Bateson Institute in Sweden. She is also the founder and creater of the Warm Data concept.

As we find ourselves in the middle of the 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit, are we reciting script or exploring stories that open possibilities? What's real? What's true? What matters – if anything?

The Summit is looking at both social and ecological regeneration. An undercurrent is exploring ecopsychosocial r/evolution. Each day, we're sharing provocations from Nora's new book Combining.

Says Nora, "Developing an understanding of the patterns and processes of interdependency in complexity is the single most practical capacity that we can support in ourselves and each other."

In this session, in Nora's own unique voice, we'll explore sensemaking in a world that doesn't make sense, double binds, transcontextuality, and the stories we tell ourselves. Says author Thomas King, "The truth about stories is, that that's all we are."

If that doesn't challenge everything you think you know, then a taste of Warm Data will. We'll whirl through some small-group breakouts – one question for everyone, each group given three different contexts, drawing on stories sparked from your own life experiences and the sharings of others in the group. You'll be gently wooed into a beautifully complex dance across people, thoughts, and emotions.

By the end (which is always a beginning), what will surface for you?

Summit Lounge
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm EST (Toronto), virtual

An informal opportunity to meet members of the Design School for Regenerating Earth and other 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit participants – discuss the themes of the Summit. The Summit Lounge is hosted by Roberta Hill, Bioregional Coordinator at the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy in Maine.

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