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Contact: Brian Puppa, e-mail or call (905) 852-3777

MAY 31, 2019 / Legacy Project / The Legacy Table is launching at the Legacy Project's new site The Cedars in the Greater Toronto Area. It's a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can gather to discuss and explore the things that really matter at this pivotal moment in history. The Inaugural Legacy Table Discussion will bring together seven big-picture Canadian thinkers. The Legacy Table will then be open to the public and organizations to explore themes ranging from climate change to wellbeing to life and death.

Susan Bosak, a researcher and educator, is the Founder of the Legacy Project and created the Legacy Table in the unique and serene setting of The Cedars on 100 acres.

"How often do we have a chance to talk about the big stuff and make real connections? A dinner table in nature does it better than any other place," says Bosak. "Especially when you bring different generations together, they improve their own sense of wellbeing and community, but they also create an intergenerational spark that can have real impact. That's the essence of legacy."

The conversation flows both ways. Older generations can share life experiences, but Bosak also cites recent research showing children can change their parents and grandparents thinking around issues like climate change.
Intergenerational Changemakers

The Legacy Project's work is about empowering generations to strategically connect the dots across people, issues, ideas and create a bigger 7-Generation story of change for the wellbeing of lives, communities, and the planet. Stories shared around the Legacy Table contribute to creating the bigger story of what's important to people of all ages.

A 7-Generation approach draws on an Indigenous concept of long-term thinking across seven generations while at the same time emerging from the modern context of the historic demographic shift to more living generations – children born today are likely to personally know seven generations in their family and/or community: their own; three before them (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents); and three after them (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren).

A bigger 7-Generation story for action will be created around seven interconnected themes: environment/climate change, economy, education and lifelong learning, health, community, life course and aging, Indigenous worldviews/knowledge.

To kickstart the dialogue, the Legacy Project has brought together a new Group of Seven. Just as the original Group of Seven artists changed the way Canadians and the world viewed our landscape, a new Group of Seven can help change the way we view our relationship with each other and the planet.

The Legacy Project is a research and social innovation group. Markham, ON will be the lead 7-Generation community.

For more information on visiting the site and participating online, visit www.legacyproject.org.

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Contact: Brian Puppa, e-mail or call (905) 852-3777