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Read a description of the story, check out the reviews, take a peek at some of the remarkable illustrations, and watch an interview with the author – the award-winning bestseller Dream



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Dream Stars are fun and meaningful

Origami stars have a long tradition
in Asian cultures. They bring good luck when you make them and when you give them away. Making them is fun – and addictive! They're also an opportunity to become aware of, focus on, and share your hopes and dreams.

Origami Dream Stars are appropriate for all ages, 8 years and older. For children between about 5 and 8 years, try our Simple Dream Stars. For children under 5 years, try the Simplest Dream Stars.

Origami Dream Stars from the Legacy Project at www.legacyproject.org

The colorful, 3-D origami Dream Stars each have a special wish or thought of the person making the star written inside. The completed stars are about the size of a dime or nickel.

To make origami Dream Stars, download the photocopyable Dream Star sheet or follow the instructions below.

To get into a Dream Star mood, start by reading the award-winning book Dream. Each illustrator in Dream has incorporated a star into their illustration. Find each star and, when you do, make a new wish. How many dreams can you come up with for yourself, your family, and our world? Think about the answers to these questions:

What do you want your life to be like?
What do you want to be?
What do you want to do?
What do you want to learn?
What do you want for your family?
How can you make the world a better place?

Share and discuss your hopes and dreams, and the dreams of others. After discussing or making a list of all your hopes and dreams, choose the most important
one(s) to write onto a paper strip and make into an origami Dream Star.

Tips for making origami Dream Stars

  • Use origami paper strips (available in some craft stores, Asian gift shops, and through Klutz) or strips of colored paper 11 inches long by ½ inch wide.

  • You can make larger stars, if you wish. Just keep the same proportions. For example, you can use a paper strip 22 inches long by 1 inch wide.

  • When you're cutting your paper strips, keep the width as consistent as possible (a bit of unevenness won't cause any major problems). A straight edge and blade or a paper cutter makes the job easier if you're doing a lot of paper strips.

  • The paper you use shouldn't be too flimsy or too heavy or you'll have trouble folding it. You should be able to quickly experiment with different types of paper to find one that will work for you. In general, heavier paper is better when you're making larger stars.

  • Use a paper that comes in different bright colors – yellow, red, blue, green, purple, etc. You can try heavier wrapping paper to create very pretty stars. Ribbon isn't recommended because it may not hold the star shape and tends to split.

  • Make your first knot in the paper as close to one end as possible.

  • When you're folding the long tail over and over again, make sure the edges meet to maintain the shape of the pentagon.

  • Don't make the folds so tight/sharp that the pentagon is too flat. You want to be able to puff out the pentagon to create a nice 3-D star.

  • Practice! Your first few stars may not turn out very well, but you'll soon get the hang of it. Making the stars will become quite relaxing. The act of making them can be a ritual during which you focus on your hopes and dreams.

Ideas for Dream Stars

  • Make a special Dream Star with your most important hope, dream, or goal written inside. Keep it in a special place – like on your desk, windowsill, or bedside table – to remind you of the power of dreams and keep you focused on achieving that particular dream.

  • Make dozens and dozens of the tiny, colorful stars. Each can be for the same hope or dream, or you can write a different wish in each. Fill up a tall, clear glass Dream Star jar or bottle. Place a ribbon around the neck of the jar or bottle. Use it as a decoration on your desk or in your room.

  • Have some Dream Stars in your pocket and give them to people you meet during the day for good luck.

  • Fill a bowl with Dream Stars and give them to guests who visit.

  • String stars together with a needle and thread to create a lucky Dream Star necklace.

  • Make a knot in one end of a length of thread (clear or black thread works best) and use a needle to run the piece of thread through a Dream Star. Hang a bunch of Dream Stars in the window so that the stars are always out.

  • Using larger Dream Stars, create a mobile. Vary the size and colors of the stars.

  • Make dozens of Dream Stars and glue them onto construction paper in different patterns to create DREAMy pieces of art.

  • A teacher can have a bowl of Dream Stars on his or her desk and give them out to students who show initiative during class. Remember, Dreamers are the people with the creativity and courage to try new things, overcome obstacles, and make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

  • Use Dream Stars for counting and math activities.

  • A class or school can make Dream Stars, use a needle and thread to string them together, and decorate an entire room or hallway with the hopes and dreams of students and teachers. If you like, place a bead between stars when you're making the star string.

  • Do a Dream Star intergenerational event. A school can invite parents, grandparents, and other family members for a special reading of Dream. Everyone can share and talk about their hopes and dreams. Then each person makes an origami star with their dream written inside. Collect all the stars to decorate the school with the hopes and dreams of the community.

  • For another intergenerational event, a group of children can visit a seniors center or assisted living facility. Do a special reading of Dream. Talk about the dreams and goals the older adults have had throughout their lives. Children can also share their hopes and dreams. Then children and seniors can make Dream Stars together with each person's dream written inside. Note: If a senior is unable to make a star, a child can help by making it for them. Make a string of Dream Stars to decorate the seniors center/facility and leave a cheery reminder of the event.

  • Do a BIG DREAMS event (you can even combine it with a Peace Party). What one thing would you change or improve in the world if you could? Write it on a strip of paper and make a large Dream Star. Mix up all the Dream Stars and then everyone in a group can choose a star, open it, and read it aloud. Discuss all the dreams. Can the group choose one of the dreams and take some steps to help make it a reality?

  • Participate in the Dream Chain.

  • When the Dream Exhibit with the real Dream Chest visits your community, you can make a special Dream Star to place into the chest and make a wish.

Instructions for making origami Dream Stars

Download the photocopyable Dream Star sheet, or follow these instructions for making an origami Dream Star:

  1. Use an origami paper strip, or a strip of colored paper 11 inches long by ½ inch wide. Write your dream on the strip, along with your first name and age. Start making your Dream Star by loosely tying the strip into a knot close to one end.

Origani Dream Star Step 1
  1. Pull on both ends of the strip so that the edges of the strip come together to form a pentagon. Flatten it. The pentagon will have a long tail and a short tail. Fold the shorter end against the pentagon and tuck it into the "pocket."

Origami Dream Star Step 2
  1. Turn the pentagon around. Fold the longer end along the pentagon so that the edges meet. Maintain the pentagon shape.

Origami Dream Star Step 3
  1. Turn. Fold again. Make sure you fold along the edge to retain the shape of the pentagon. Continue folding (don't make the folds too sharp) until you've folded most of the strip and you are left with a short end.

Origami Dream Star Step 4
  1. Fold the short end against the pentagon and tuck it into the "pocket" (if the tail is too long, just fold over a bit of the end to make a shorter tail that fits neatly and securely into the pocket).

Origami Dream Star Step 5
  1. Hold the flat star between the forefinger and thumb of one hand. With a thumbnail from your other hand, gently make a dent into one side of the pentagon to begin to puff out your star. Rotate the star so that you puff out all five sides.

Origami Dream Star Step 6
  1. Your Dream Star is finished!

Origami Dream Star Step 7   

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