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Find out about the hardcover gift edition A Little Something

Available in softcover as Something to Remember Me By

Part of the Legacy Project's Across Generations program

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illustrations by Laurie McGaw
from the heartwarming bestsellers
A Little Something and Something to Remember Me By by Susan V. Bosak

downloadable digital file
Adobe Acrobat PDF
for use with computers, tablets, projectors, SMART Boards
$9.95 single user license

ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides

The heartwarming story in A Little Something (hardcover) and Something to Remember Me By (softcover) by
Susan V. Bosak is beautifully complemented by the evocative, richly-detailed, golden watercolor illustrations of award-winning artist Laurie McGaw. Now you can download all the illustrations in a convenient digital format you can use with a computer (PC or MAC), tablet, projector, or SMART Board.

Cuddling illustration ©Laurie McGaw from A Little Something by Susan V. Bosak
Heart Cushion illustration ©Laurie McGaw from A Little Something by Susan V. Bosak

The timeless story is about love and legacies across generations. One reviewer describes it as having "the emotion of Love You Forever and the nostalgic charm of a Norman Rockwell painting."

When viewers see the artwork as you share the story, it will evoke memories of their own mothers and grand-mothers, children and grandchildren.

With more than half a million copies in print,
A Little Something/ Something to Remember Me By
is about the little things that matter most and make the memories that endure – a smile, a hug, a simple touch of the hand. The story moves you each and every time you read it, and leaves you with a smile.


You can use the ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides for:

  • A classroom reading and exploration of A Little Something/Something to Remember Me By with students. The books support language arts, social studies, and family history studies, as well as intergenerational programs like Grandparents Day.

  • A reading of A Little Something/Something to Remember Me By as part of a school-wide presentation for a Family Day, Grandparents Day, or Mother's Day event.

  • An educational presentation to teachers about A Little Something/Something to Remember Me By and all the associated Across Generations activities.

  • A family stories writing workshop for children or adults. The books are based on A True Story.

  • Exploring the illustrations in depth with a group of students to build visual literacy skills. Use the online activity Look Closely.

  • As part of a Connect Your Community event.

A Little Something and Something to Remember Me By are evocative books that touch the heart and mind. The ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides expand the opportunities to engage with the story, the artwork, and the themes.

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ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides digital file is available only through the Legacy Project. Slides may be used only by the single purchaser for educational/presentation purposes. Not for commercial use or resale. May not be reproduced or distributed in any form. Click to download a single user license for $9.95. Questions? Call the Legacy Project at 1-800-772-7765.

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A Little Something

Something to Remember Me By

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