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A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes    


by Susan V. Bosak

original illustrations by
15 internationally acclaimed artists

40 pages, full color,
hardcover with dustjacket
ISBN 1-896232-04-3
$19.95 ($23.95 CAN)

Dream by Susan V. Bosak


Order "Dream" from Amazon.com

Wayne Anderson
James Bennett
Christian Birmingham
Mike Carter
Raúl Colón
Leo and Diane Dillon
Zhong-Yang Huang
Robert Ingpen
Steve Johnson
...and Lou Fancher

Michèle Lemieux
Barbara Reid
Shaun Tan
Bruce Wood


"Inspirational... Beautifully produced."
Publishers Weekly

"Richly crafted and thoughtfully written."
The Bloomsbury Review

"Sumptuous and arresting."

"A grand project."
Independent Publisher Review

more reviews

Teachers' Choice
Children's Choice

iParenting Award

American Booksellers Book Sense Pick

Benjamin Franklin Award

Independent Publisher Award

Pinnacle Award

ForeWord Book of the Year Award

Children's Book Center Starred Our Choice

Adding Wisdom Award

Visionary Award


Bestseller – 11 national awards!
The book featured in YOU 177 1 World, 1 Book

A one-of-a-kind collaboration five years in the making. 15 of the top illustrators in the world each offer a gorgeously illustrated page in a beautifully told poetic story about life's hopes and dreams, inspiring both children and adults. You're never too young or too old to dream!

Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes by bestselling author Susan V. Bosak has earned a remarkable 11 national awards:

* Adding Wisdom Award
* International Reading Association Children's Choice –
   10,000 children across the country read and vote
   on the books they like best!    
* Teachers' Choice
* Benjamin Franklin Award – Celebrating the Human Spirit
* Independent Publisher Award
* ForeWord Book of the Year Award
* American Booksellers Association Book Sense Pick
* Children's Book Center – Starred Our Choice
* iParenting Award
* Pinnacle Award – Best Gift Book
* Visionary Award

Reviewers have described Dream as "dazzling," "sumptuous and arresting," "magical," "thought-provoking," "impressive and inspirational" (read more reviews).


From the smallest personal beginnings to the largest human triumphs, why are we here if not to dream?

Dream is a book that reveals more with each reading. The story begins at the end of the rainbow with the Dream Chest, a magical portal between "what is" and "what can be." A wise old star emerges as your guide and asks, "What's your dream?"

You're whisked away on a colorful journey of a lifetime. Whoosh through the teddy bears and castles of childhood. Whoosh again into the labyrinths and mountains of adolescence and adulthood.

There are stops along the way to meet famous people in the Club of Dreamers, and explore inventions and discoveries through history. You can also hunt in each illustration for a hidden star – and make a new wish with each one you find!

The story culminates with a life-giving Dream Tree, because "the world at its best is green... the color of Go and the color of Grow." The wise old star reminds the reader that you need "the Believe of childhood, the
Do of youth, and the Think of experience – you need all three."

The old star then encourages you to find a dream and reach for the stars: "Be a dreamer... dream a dream, your very own dream."

Richly detailed contemporary
art from top illustrators (including winners of the Caldecott Medal, Bologna Ragazzi Award, Hans Christian Andersen Medal, and Academy Award), thought-provoking quotations from historical sages, and a multilayered story combine to convey a simple yet powerful message: you're never too young or too old to dream, and our dreams become our legacy. The young will discover all the possibilities within themselves and adults will be reminded that their best can be just ahead.

Find out more about Dream in this interview excerpt with bestselling author Susan V. Bosak:

On the Same Page interview excerpt

Dream is featured as part of YOU 177 1 World, 1 Book – a global initiative that challenges young and old to come together to transform our world. It's a rich cross-curricular educational resource (LifeDreams activities link to literacy, social studies, character education, gifted, ESL, and more). It's a meaningful keepsake and a lovely gift book for a birth, birthday, graduation (from kindergarten to college!), or other life milestone.

Dream offers wonder, wisdom, and wishes – for everyone who dreams.

The Legacy Project offers a special discount for quantity purchases of Dream as a gift for graduating students, a school theme, book-of-the-month, teacher gifts, and more!


Order "Dream" from Amazon.com

Dream by Susan V. Bosak is available in the children's section of bookstores across the country (e.g. Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo). If your local bookstore doesn't have it in stock, they can special order it within a week. To order directly from us, you can use the order form in our catalog or call 1-800-772-7765. To order online, click on the Amazon.com link.