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Find out more about the award-winning bestseller Dream

Use the Dream CD at the end of the school year as part of a graduation ceremony or at the beginning of the school year to motivate teachers and students – Begin and End With a Dream

Use a dream theme in your school or classroom and kick it off with a multimedia presentation using the Dream CD

Download now: Dream Illustration Slides

A Reading of Dream DVD video lets you experience Dream in an engaging new way

How to Teach Literacy Like
a Dream DVD
workshop offers classroom-tested ideas for literacy and goal-setting


Legacy Project Homepage
Books and Products
Legacy Project



with Susan V. Bosak

1 CD PC/Mac
PowerPoint files, including all illustrations from Dream and
Dream theme music

OR download Dream Illustration Slides

Dream CD

Listen to Dream as it was meant to be read – while viewing all the original artwork created for the award-winning book. Author Susan V. Bosak gives an inspiring reading of the story as the illustrations from the book unfold on your computer screen. You also get great bonus activities!

This CD allows you to experience the book on a new level. A valuable classroom resource for group viewing, it can also be used by individuals and families.

The CD includes:

  • A complete reading of the story in the Dream book as the illustrations unfold on your computer screen.

  • An illustration slide show. All the illustrations from Dream are presented in slide format. You can project the slides and control them manually, at your own pace. Ideal for doing a reading of the book to an audience, and for teachers exploring and discussing the book with a class of students.

  • A Dream presentation. This automatic presentation of text, images, and themes from Dream cycles by itself in a continuous loop while the Dream theme music plays. Great for beginning and/or ending events and activities with the Dream book.

  • BONUS! ZoomArt interactive activity. Four different perspectives on each piece of artwork from the book are presented, culminating in a magnified view to see the intricacies of the artist's technique. Great for building visual literacy skills and art appreciation.

  • BONUS! Club of Dreamers interactive activity. Based on the Club of Dreamers activity, you get the coloring page and full color illustration so that you can join the Club of Dreamers.

Dream is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind book. The Dream CD extends and enhances the book experience.

Also available: you can immediately download Dream Illustration Slides.

Dream CD with Susan V. Bosak is available only through the
Legacy Project. Use the order form in our catalog. You can also call
1-800-772-7765 for more information or to place an order.

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