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by Susan V. Bosak, MA

4-kit series
Order as a complete series
or individually

Starter Set
Grandparents Day Kit
350 pages, 3-hole punched
with Something to Remember
Me By
(for use with activities)
Regularly $59.90. Save 20%!
$47.50 ($48.30 CAN)

Across Generations Activity Kits


Holds 1 to 4 kits
$9.00 ($12.00 CAN)

Grandparents Day Kit
350 pages, 3-hole punched
$43.95 ($44.50 CAN)
Holiday Kit
280 pages, 3-hole punched
$29.95 ($26.95 CAN)
Valentine's Kit
150 pages, 3-hole punched
$24.95 ($26.95 CAN)
Mother's Day Kit
150 pages, 3-hole punched
$24.95 ($26.95 CAN)
Complete 4-Kit Series
Grandparents Day, Holiday, Valentine's, Mother's Day Kits
with binder and Something to Remember Me By
Regularly $148.75. Save 15%!
$126.00 ($133.00 CAN)

The Across Generations Activity Kit Series is ideal for use by schools, seniors centers, and community groups. It was inspired by the bestseller Something to Remember Me By by Susan V. Bosak, illustrated by Laurie McGaw.

This illustrated story about special bonds and legacies across generations follows the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter through the years. It helps young and old understand the value, growth, and change of a lifelong intergenerational relationship. Many of the activities in the kits relate to the book.

Each kit has an easy-to-use format and is filled with information, ideas, dozens of intergenerational activities, crafts, homemade keepsake and gift ideas, reproducibles (e.g. certificates, fill-in sheets), curriculum connections for schools (can be used from elementary grades to high school), and book and website listings.

Topics covered include:

  • Story Steppingstones

  • Memories & Traditions

  • Keepsakes & Gifts

  • Then & Now

  • Genealogy & Family Trees

  • Scrapbooking

  • Communication & Storytelling Across Generations

  • Family Ties

  • Ages & Stages

  • Intergenerational Exploration

  • Community Building

The Grandparents Day Activity Kit is the largest kit
(350 pages). It's a complete intergenerational kit that includes everything listed above plus a planning guide for a school or community Grandparents Day or Intergenerational Day event at any time of the year. It's the core kit.

The three other kits have additional intergenerational ideas and activities, as well as gift ideas related to the holiday. Each also includes special sections: the Holiday Activity Kit has sections on peace building and holiday traditions; the Valentine's Activity Kit looks at the history and kinds of love along with intergenerational mentoring, including program development strategies; and the Mother's Day Activity Kit looks at fashions through the years, mothers & grandmothers, and examples of historical and famous mothers.

Across Generations Activity Kits by Susan V. Bosak are available only through the Legacy Project. Use the order form in our catalog. You can also call 1-800-772-7765 for more information or to place an order.

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