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This is a powerful and important book. Joe Brewer does not pull any punches – more importantly, he has his fingers on the pulse of how to heal our world and ourselves.
I have read a lot of earth science, anthropology, sustainability, etc. over the years. I found the synthesis and path through this story into a possible future to be enlightening, sometimes frightening, but always radically hopeful.”

Ken Hall

Fantastic! Worldview changing. Inspiring. What an amazing book.”

Galen Meyers

A stimulating read… with language that's fresh, direct, and evocative. The book doesn't get stuck in a fragmented focus on individual societal sectors, change initiatives, etc., but rather goes straight into an attempt to flesh out the overall characteristics of the admittedly monumental psychological, cultural, and practical tasks that describe the sort of large-scale (local to planetary) regeneration efforts necessary.”

Espen Lockert Høy Malling

Some books call to you, and this is one of those books.
It has shaped our work in profound ways. It cuts through much of the babble that's out there, drawing on both science and spirit. This clearly-written book will take you on many thought-provoking wanderings with the questions at the end of each chapter. But it always brings you back to a singular pathway as we move into greater uncertainty. A must-read for anyone who wants to co-create a pathway to regeneration by walking it together.”

Brian Puppa

The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth


by Joe Brewer

226 pages, black-and-white, softcover,
ISBN 9-781736908-20-4
$24.95 US / $29.95 CAN

Kindle eBook $9.99 US / CAN

This book is for those who care about stewarding the next generation and our planet into an uncertain future. The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth offers a clear and cogent pathway we can all create together.

Humanity is confronted with threats unprecedented in the history of our species. There is an urgent need to describe the "how" for managing the convergent threats of ecological overshoot and civilization collapse.

To a great extent, the rest of our lives will be defined by how those who understand our global predicament organize and cooperate with one another. We are in the midst of a planetary change process that extends far beyond a human lifetime. Most of us experience a kind of intergenerational amnesia – having never seen an intact ecosystem or a healthy human economy at any point in our lives. How can we design our way through the struggles that now lie ahead?

We design by embracing the fundamental insight that all living systems self-organize around the patterns of regeneration. Applied to the scale of entire landscapes, this reveals how all truly sustainable human cultures throughout history were organized at the territorial scale as bioregional economies. A planet-wide network of learning ecosystems is needed that can hold the complexity of birthing these regenerative bioregions during and after the rest of the collapse that we were all born into.

This book offers genuine hope. There truly is a pathway to regenerate the Earth. It is not to be found in the shallow optimism of techno-fixes or consumer choices. Nothing short of a spiritual revival of Indigenous lifeways will do – combined with the best scientific knowledge about human behavior, cultural evolution, and the dynamic Earth. A path can be made by walking it throughout the rest of this century and beyond.

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Joe Brewer Author Joe Brewer is a complexity researcher and transdisciplinary scholar who has devoted his life to helping humanity through the sustainability bottleneck. He weaves insights from the scientific study of cultural evolution, human cognition, and earth system science into frameworks for action. Prior affiliations include the International Centre for Earth Simulation, the Center for Complex Systems Research at the University of Illinois, the Cultural Evolution Society, the Rockridge Institute, and the Evolution Institute. He currently lives in Barichara, Colombia, where he is working to help regenerate a 500,000 ha bioregion.

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Joe is bringing The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth to life through the Design School for Regenerating Earth, focused on regenerating the bioregions of Earth and building a planetary network of learning exchanges. 7-Generation GTB (Greater Tkaronto Bioregion), led by the Legacy Project, is a Founding Member of the Design School.

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