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Workshops & Dinners at The Cedars


World got you down?

The Legacy Table at The Cedars is a place where you can connect and share, learn and create, challenge and reflect.

If you can't visit in person, check out our "virtual table" with events online. And keep up-to-date with the Table Talk blog.

As part of our 7-Generation work in the Greater Tkaronto Bioregion (GTB), we offer in-depth 7-Generation learning workshops (including bioregional learning) and engaging Dot Dinner/Lunch events – as in "connect the dots."

Dot Dinners/Lunches are guided, engaging discussions about the things that really matter. In a complex world, they help you connect the dots across generations, stories, issues, ideas. They are a synthesis of a Jeffersonian Dinner structure, a Warm Data experience, and a Metaperspective approach. Dot Dinners/Lunches are an opportunity for you to make transformative connections with interesting people. They can be customized for organizations and groups.

7-Generation workshops are unique, in-depth learning experiences that connect the dots across seven broad themes: environment and climate change, economy, community, health, education and lifelong learning, life course and aging, Indigenous worldviews and knowledge.

E-mail us if you're interested in a Legacy Table Dot Dinner/Lunch or a workshop, or a tour of the Dream Exhibit at The Cedars.