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Turn off your computer.
Put down your phone.
Pick up a feather, a leaf, a bone.
Marvel at a flower.
Plant a seed.
Take a walk.
Remember who you are.

Be generous with your love.
Protect someone.
Take a stand.
Make art.
Dance with strangers.
Find your courage.

Resist distraction.
Be present.
Articulate your dreams.
Act on behalf of the
next seven generations.
Sing to the stars.

Invest in what makes
you come alive.
Open to what is possible.
Decolonize your heart.
Thank your ancestors.
Bless the land.
Remember who we are.

Whole Communities

Legacy to each must be
Me plus We
to equal three:
Past, Present, Future.”

Legacy Project Founder,
Lead Educator/Strategist, Caretaker

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”



Climbing the Mountain of Life
Climbing the Mountain of Life ©Shaun Tan from Dream by Susan V. Bosak


This is y/our Legacy Project. Here's how you can Connect, Create, Change with us!

The world changes all the time – sometimes for the better, sometimes not. But deep change, in the form of transformation, is something different. In the words of Mark Twain, it's the difference between a lightning bug and lightning.

The Legacy Project's 7-Generation work is empowering generations to change each other's lives – and change the world. It's that bold.

We all live our own life story, and those stories are rich and important. But we need to connect the dots. Too often we get stuck in isolated little stories that fail to sustain us or effect real change. At this moment in history, we need to bridge to a renewed 7-Generation world, a bigger story created across generations. #ChangeTheStory

The Legacy Project's 7-Generation work draws on an Indigenous concept of long-term thinking across seven generations while at the same time reflects the modern context of a historic demographic shift to more living generations. Children born today are likely to personally know seven generations in their family and/or community: their own generation; three before them (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents); and three after them (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren). We can touch time in a very personal, profound way. There is comfort, insight, and power in this ability to connect more generations than ever before.

In creating a new 7-Generation story for the long-term wellbeing of lives, communities, and the living planet, we must figure out how we want to live – going forward with each other on this blue dot called Earth.

Can dreams change the world? Just think of those four famous words, "I have a dream…" A dream is the front end of a legacy.

Legacy is a connection across time Legacy is not a trivial thing. As a profound connection across time, across generations, it can be either a burden or a gift. It's where the power is. Our legacy, the things we do and say and think and aspire to every day, is creating the future right now. We don't take that power/responsibility seriously enough. Legacy, fueled by dreams, is your superpower – your ability to create meaningful, lasting impact.

LegacyCubed is about multiplying impact. It's legacy to the power of three…

Your Life in the context of the People and World around you.

Your Generation, Three Generations Before you, and Three Generations After you for a 7-Generation perspective that sparks bigger thinking and action.

For Young, Old, and Everyone in between.

Bringing together Past, Present, and Future or, in other words, Memories, Opportunities, and Dreams.

Exploring Connection and Meaning across Time.

As the stylized letter "g" in the Legacy Project's logo suggests, blaze your Path, stay Rooted, never stop asking Questions.

Expand your ability to Believe and Do and Think.

Grow Information into Knowledge and ultimately into Wisdom.

Make the most of what you're Given, what you Bring into Being, and what you Give Back – for Yourself, Others, and the World.

That's legacy to the power of three – LegacyCubed. Join us on a 7-Generation journey from dreams to legacy, from aspirations to action. The Legacy Project empowers all ages to Connect, Create, Change.


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Create it

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Find out how you can do a Legacy Project. The big idea is to translate what you're about into your own multidimensional "legacy project" that multiplies what you're already doing and gives it more impact. Legacy projects are the bridge to a new 7-Generation World, calling on wisdom, empathy, and creativity to build a better future.


Be the change

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