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Legacy Project

For Program Leaders, image © Qqibb | Dreamstime.com

Welcome to the Legacy Project, a big-picture community and lifelong learning project.

Our three banner programs reflect the three levels at which we all evolve our legacy through our lifetime – personal, interpersonal, and community. LifeDreams explores personal development and creating your life. Across Generations explores our connections with others, and encourages closer relationships between generations. Our World explores how each of us can help change the world to address issues like building stronger communities and caring for the environment.

We offer free online activities, award-winning books and DVDs, workshops, essay contests, and more. The YOU 177 initiative connects generations to make a difference in your community and our world. Connect, Create, Change with the Legacy Project at www.legacyproject.org.

We all want our life to mean something, and to feel connected to and make a difference in the world around us. Take a journey from dreams to legacy through YOU 177. Find out more about how youth can take learning deeper and connect with generations in their community, and how elders can create a powerful living legacy. We also have opportunities for libraries and entire communities.

Check out our feature article for youth leaders. There are also special connections for Girl Scout leaders.

Find out more about Being Young in Community and Getting Older in Community.

Read about the Benefits of Intergenerational Connections.

Get tips and ideas for mentoring.

Check out the complete Grandparents Day Planning & Activity Guide for an intergenerational event at any time of the year.

Intergenerational, youth, and seniors programs can use our heartwarming bestseller A Little Something. We have a 65% discount for use in programs.

Find out about the award-winning book Dream to encourage children to reach for their dreams and goals, and remind all ages that you're never too young or too old to dream.

Motivate young and old to think about a lifetime of possibilities. Get fun, goal-setting LifeDreams activities for all ages.

Explore materials that go with the LifeDreams activities and Dream book, including the Dream Illustration Slides and posters.

Encourage young and old to enter the annual Listen to a Life Essay Contest to win a Lenovo ThinkCentre computer.

Get crafts, games, and other simple, fun activities.

Check out all our free online guides and tips.

Participate in Share the Dream, particularly with students who are graduating or older adults starting encore careers or a new chapter in their life.

Join TreeKeepers for information, ideas and activities for all ages.

Plan a Connect Your Community event.

Arrange for the Dream Exhibit to visit your community.

Get your group involved in posting Un-Ads to share what really matters to you.

Find out how to create, record, and share a Life Statement. We have a version of the Life Statement for children and teens – a writing exercise that helps them define who they are and their life goals.

Discover how to Unfold Your Potential at the Legacy Center.

Read Our Story and check out our Awards and Reviews.

Check out Susan Shares.

Find out all the ways you can get involved with the Legacy Project.

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