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Connect Your Community

Here are just two examples of letters and e-mails we've received about legacy-inspired community events across the country:

"We usually get out only ten to twenty families for our school family evenings," says teacher Marion Radeen in Connecticut. "When we did a generations family night using the Legacy Project's materials and the book A Little Something, over 300 people came. There was standing room only! The kids really got into it and insisted their parents and grandparents attend. The kids did a read-aloud of A Little Something, wrote family stories, and did displays with photos and family histories. We had family recipe stations. It was a powerful evening for everyone."

"I hosted a Dream Party for other mothers in my community using the Dream book," says Amy O'Connor of Wisconsin. "I sent out invitations reading 'The Party of Your Dreams Awaits You' and collected RSVPs. I had twenty-five women come out. We started with some wine and cheese. Each woman received a copy of Dream. Reading the book inspired us to talk about our own hopes and dreams. There were some really in-depth conversations. Sometimes when you have a family, your own goals end up in last place. The evening allowed us to reconnect with what's important to us. Each woman also brought three or four magazines that reflected her interests and ended the evening by clipping out images and words and making a dream collage for herself. I reinforced some old friendships and started several new ones."

You can do a single event, or you can do an ongoing, community-wide One City, One Book program.

An Excellent Event

The Legacy Project's Connect Your Community initiative supports you in creating unique, meaningful local events that bring together all ages in your community to celebrate both individuality and togetherness. We have resources you can use for inspiration and ideas. We also make our books available to you at a special discount.

You can plan an event for anytime of the year, or in conjunction with a Grandparents Day or Intergenerational Day celebration, the December holidays, a Valentine's Day or Mother's Day event, or a Spring graduation program.

The focal point for an event can be a reading of Dream or A Little Something. Everyone – young and old – loves to be read to! Reading a story aloud creates an opportunity for young people to be creative, improve their literacy and public speaking skills, and build self-esteem and confidence. Readings can be simple or more dramatic and creative with actors and props. Project the illustrations from the book on a large screen (the Dream Illustration Slides and ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides provide all the illustrations in a slide show format).

Some groups partner with other local groups, schools, or seniors facilities to create a special multigenerational event. An event can bring people in communities together – and offer participants great gift books at a great price. Use an event for fundraising by selling copies of Dream or A Little Something. You can pre-order books to sell at the event OR you can take orders and call us with the total number of books you've sold. Events can easily result in sales of several hundred copies.

About A Little Something

A Little Something

Ideal for a Grandparents Day or Mother's Day event!

This bestseller has won 6 national awards including Parents' Choice. "Celebrates relationships between generations... An inspiring, read-aloud book" (Independent Publisher). "Shows how love can live on... A nice story for sharing" (Booklist).
"An extraordinary book that will inspire young and old" (Midwest Book Review).

The heartwarming story follows the special gifts a grandmother and granddaughter share through the years. Guaranteed to leave a lump in your throat and a smile on your face!

A Little Something is a great educational resource and a lovely gift book for children, grandchildren, mothers, and grandmothers.

As part of the Legacy Project's Connect Your Community initiative, A Little Something is available for fundraising at a 65% discount. The book is regularly priced at $16.95; you can get full-color, hardcover copies for only $5.90 each for orders of 10 or more copies (plus shipping). We suggest you resell the books at $12, which gives you a fundraising profit and makes the book available at an attractive price.

Find out more about A Little Something.

About Dream


Use Dream for a Grandparents Day, December holiday event, or Spring graduation program!

Dream has won a remarkable 11 national awards, including an International Reading Association Children's Choice, a Teachers' Choice, the Pinnacle Award as Best Gift Book, and being chosen by the American Booksellers Association as one of the year's best books. Publisher's Weekly describes Dream as an "inspirational book... beautifully produced." The Bloomsbury Review says it's a "dazzling project." And Midwest Book Review calls it "a fantastic book featuring lavish color illustrations and beautiful verse, all about the inspiration, beauty, and incredible thoughts that can spring from dreams."

Fifteen top world illustrators – including Leo and Diane Dillon, Barbara Reid, Raúl Colón, Shaun Tan – each offer a gorgeously illustrated page in a beautifully told poetic story about life's hopes and dreams from childhood to adulthood. Everyone needs a dream! This one-of-a-kind collaboration inspires children and adults to find and reach for their own dreams. Dream is a wonderful book to explore and discuss with children, and a lovely gift book for all ages for a birth, birthday, graduation, retirement, or other life milestone.

As part of the Legacy Project's Connect Your Community initiative, Dream is available for fundrasing at a 45% discount. The book is regularly priced at $19.95; you can get full-color, hardcover copies for only $10.97 each for orders of 24 or more copies (plus shipping). We suggest that you sell it at less than the regular price (e.g. a 15% discount) to make it an attractive on-the-spot purchase.

Find out more about Dream.

Once you've had your wildly successful event, tell us about it and share photos by sending us an e-mail.

Here are some resources to get you started connecting your community:

>>>  Use our planning guide for a Grandparents Day event

>>>  Find out How to Read Dream

>>>  If your event includes young children, Make Storytime a Dream

>>>  Dream Illustration Slides

>>>  ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides

>>>  Use a Club of Dreamers theme

>>>  Teach everyone to make origami Dream Stars

>>>  Invite the author

>>>  Get dozens of ideas for activities

>>>  Find out more about One City, One Book

For more information and to order the Dream and A Little Something books at the special Connect Your Community discounted prices, call the Legacy Project at 1-800-772-7765.