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Life Statement Introduction
Life Statement Library

A Life Statement is like an ethical will because it records your values, life lessons, and hopes. It goes beyond an ethical will, memoir, life story, or autobiography because it speaks to your core values and who you are in a bigger context. Life Statements are popular with those interested in ethical wills, family history, family trees, and genealogy. Contributing your Life Story to the Legacy Project is more meaningful because it is shared not only with your family but also becomes part of a learning community. A Life Statement is an ethical will made more dynamic and meaningful.



Legacy Project Homepage
Life Statements
Legacy Project

Find out how you can create a Life Statement for yourself, a family member or friend as part of the Legacy Project's Life Statement community initiative.

Life Statements, image © Ben Mobley | Dreamstime.com

In keeping with the tradition in some cultures of writing an ethical will – which, instead of passing along valuables, passes along values – a Legacy Project Life Statement is a way to explore who you are, your relationships with others, and your impact on the world. Life Statements can be created by everyone from teens to elders.

The Life Statement you create appears on your own webpage as part of the Legacy Project's Life Statement Library. It features key experiences/stories from your life and a significant photograph. You also have the option of including a link to a family or personal website, or a Facebook or other webpage.

Other add-on options include additional photographs, a full biography, audio/video, and planting a tree in your name in the Legacy Center arboretum.

To write your Life Statement, you can use your own creativity or our carefully-researched, easy-to-use templates. We have different templates for elders, adults, and teens. Our trained staff is also available to answer questions.

For young people, we have special Life Statement writing guides that can be used by schools and youth programs. Help young people discover and refine who they are as they make important choices for their future. For more information on Life Statement educational materials for youth, e-mail the Legacy Project or call us at 1-800-772-7765

Once you submit your Life Statement, you'll be able to review it and make revisions before it's permanently posted.

Your Life Statement webpage becomes a permanent record that you, your family, and others can read. You create your own unique blueprint for living, and give the most important part of yourself – your most significant experiences, ideas, values, and hopes – as a gift to others.

Our goal is to make the Life Statement accessible to EVERYONE. If you're able to make a one-time contribution to help us cover the costs of creating and maintaining the online Life Statement Library, that's appreciated. If not, your Life Statement is still a welcome addition to the library.

Note that you can create a Life Statement for yourself, or to honor the memory of a family member or friend. Explore the Life Statement Library for ideas on writing a Life Statement.

Real life, real people. A Legacy Project Life Statement is your opportunity to share who you are as part of a meaningful online learning community. It's a permanent life resource for all ages.

For more information about creating a Life Statement, contact the Legacy Project at 1-800-772-7765. Or, if you'd like to get the process started without obligation, complete the confidential form below.


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Date of Birth (e.g. May 12, 1961)

Who will the Life Statement be about?
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If there is a problem with your submission, please e-mail.

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