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Read a description of the story, check out the reviews, take a peek at some of the remarkable illustrations, and watch an interview with the author – the award-winning bestseller Dream

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With a big-picture, cross-curricular theme of Dream Discovery, the Legacy Project's school presentations focus on Susan V. Bosak's award-winning bestseller Dream. Encourage literacy and goal-setting skills, inspire your entire school community, and link the hopes and dreams of your students with others across the country through the Dream Chain. Your school can also participate in the YOU 177 learning innovation initiative that challenges students to Dream Bigger, Create Legacy.

"Our students, staff, and parents are still raving about this amazing and inspiring presentation. We plan to offer it every year to our students," says Annie Sullivan Middle School, MA.

"Susan's visit, with her literacy goals and big-picture mission, is my favorite author's visit I have ever had the pleasure to watch and share in," says Barb Mellett, Principal at Osborne Elementary School, PA.

"I saw Susan at my previous school and made sure to bring her to my new school," says Principal Marie DeLockery in Memphis, TN.

Susan does energetic, interactive school visits for students from elementary to high school. Students and teachers consistently rate her as one of the best author visits they've had. Read newspaper articles about visits she did to schools in Florida and Oklahoma City.

Susan has different Dream Discovery presentations for different grades – generally K-2, 2/3-5/6, 6-8, grade 9 freshman presentation, 9-12 general, and grade 12 graduation. Each presentation runs 60-70 minutes and she can present to any size of group.

Presentations encourage text and visual literacy skills, along with systems thinking and cross-curricular connections, while encouraging students to identify and reach for their goals to make a difference in their own lives and our world.

"My goal is to encourage kids to read, to think, and to dream," says Susan. "There's a power in the combination of story and art to engage children and get them asking the kinds of rich questions that help them grow."

Susan starts with a multimedia reading of the Dream book and engages students through both the text and the artwork by 15 top illustrators from five countries. Discover all the hidden wonders in the story and the "stories behind the story" – Dream did take five years to create! The book combines richly-detailed artwork from contemporary illustrators, thought-provoking quotations from historical figures, and a poetic, multilayered story about hopes and dreams across a lifetime that inspires both young and old. It has won a remarkable 11 national awards, including an International Reading Association Children's Choice (10,000 students across the country read and vote on the books they like best) and a Teachers' Choice.

Club of Dreamers

Then Susan gets students thinking about their own dreams and goals. She invites them to join the Club of Dreamers (the famous people illustration in the book), introducing them to several of the existing members. The world needs more Dreamers because they are the people with the creativity and courage to make a difference, to go beyond "what is" to "what can be."

With some techno-magic, students will be delighted to see some of their own faces appear as part of the Club of Dreamers! View this video excerpt in which Susan shares just a few of the student Dreamers she's met in her visits to schools across the country (excerpt from How to Teach Literacy Like a Dream DVD):

Finally, Susan shares practical ideas for students to "Believe, Do, Think" their goals into reality.

Parents and other members of the community are welcome to attend a school presentation – because you're never too old or too young to dream! The Dream book is a great way to involve your entire community and many schools use it as a year-long theme. We offer plenty of ideas for activities and lessons before and after a visit.

As part of a visit, schools can participate in the Dream Chain. The Dream Chain provides a focus for your activities before and after a visit, helps students become more aware of their own dreams and the dreams of others, and encourages understanding and support across school communities.

Dream Chain

For the Dream Chain, before a visit, your students make Dream Stars with their first name, age, and a dream or goal for themselves and their community/world. Collect all your Dream Stars, package them in a decorated box or bag that uniquely represents your school, and include a letter with a message from your students and staff.

As Susan travels to other schools, she serves as a Dream Messenger connecting communities. After her presentation, there will be a short ceremony in which she'll receive your package of Dream Stars from a chosen student representative, and present your school with a Dream Star gift from the previous school she's visited.

After the visit, your students can read the Dream Stars to learn about the dreams and goals of others. Your school is encouraged to write a thank you note to the other school. In this way, school communities across the country are connected as you thank a school before you for their gift and pass along a gift to the next school. Participating schools are highlighted on the Legacy Project's Dream Chain webpage.

Finally, Susan does a book signing as part of the visit. We make the Dream book available to students, their families, and teachers at a special discount. Many people like to purchase copies of Dream as a gift for a birth, birthday, graduation, retirement, or other life milestone.

Schools often also have Susan do a professional development workshop after school with teachers in their school and perhaps neighboring schools. A PD workshop allows teachers to extend the learning experience for students after Susan leaves. Or, you can use the How to Teach Literacy Like a Dream DVD workshop.

Many schools connect an author visit with a year-long dream theme. Schools across the country are also getting involved in the powerful YOU 177 learning innovation initiative.

Susan travels across the US and Canada. For more information on scheduling a school presentation, contact Brian Puppa at 1-800-772-7765 or by e-mail.