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A symbol of San Diego, the iconic California Tower has served as an entry to Balboa Park since its construction for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. The tower bells chime every quarter hour.

With a population of over 3 million, San Diego County is the fifth-most populous in the US. It's the south-westernmost county in the 48 contiguous United States.

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San Diego County,

Our vibrant region has been named one of America's Best Intergenerational Communities by Generations United in Washington, DC. San Diego County is already a strategic, creative leader in bringing young and old together through our Live Well initiative that emphasizes health, safety, and thriving. Live Well is notable for its long-term, big-picture, collaborative approach. Now we can Live Well across 7-Generations.

Now, as a 7-Generation Circle leader for YOU 177, San Diego County will lead the way in generations coming together to transform not only our community, but our world.

Dream Bigger, Create Legacy. Can dreams change the world? Just think of those four famous words, "I have a dream…" A dream is the front end of a legacy – and there's an untapped power in legacy we can use to multiply impact.

Imagine a place that helps you be the best you can be, that values and celebrates the possibilities in each unique person, especially the young and the old. Imagine a better community for all now, in which today's generations create a profound gift for future generations. Now imagine bringing together all the creative potential we have, from the Do of youth to the Think of experience, for bold innovation.

We can tap into what really matters to transform everything we do, from the way we live with each other and our planet, to our health and well-being, to how we learn, do business, grow up and grow older.

SDC YOU 177 is a whole-community, 7-Generation journey from dreams to legacy, from aspirations to action. It strategically empowers and connects youth, adults, and elders of all ages and abilities for inspired lives in a smart and caring community as part of a more sustainable world. 

This is about your life in your community in your world. 1 World we all share, with 7 Billion People each with the power to make a difference, across 7 Generations that all have unique value – and YOU.

Live Well San Diego

Susan V. Bosak TEDx Talk – Building a 7-Generation World
What is a 7-Generation World?
San Diego County Library
What People Are Saying

"I applaud this global mission. My mentor Margaret Mead, and her friend and mine Erik Erikson, did a lot to promote intergenerational interdependence. Your work follows on their legacy."
Dr. Wilton Dillon, Senior Scholar Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution

"This is an important and needed initiative at exactly the right time. It connects the dots in a way that can be truly transformational for all ages in our society and for our planet."
Dr. Harry R. Moody, Director of AARP Academic Affairs, Washington, DC

"I am delighted with these creative and powerful ideas!"
Shirley Gregory, Australia

"I'm amazed with all the extraordinary information I've found through you."
Maria Valls, Venezuela

"What an excellent idea!"
Charlotte Stripp, UK

"I am an advisor for the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, working on a nation-wide reform effort. This is a GREAT opportunity for new ideas and connections."
Barbara Rado Mosseau, United Arab Emirates

"Congratulations on an excellent initiative that will surely become an icon in cities across the country."
Pamela Pittman, U of Oklahoma

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Dream Bigger, Create Legacy.

San Diego County, are YOU ready to Dream Bigger?

In support of Live Well, YOU 177 will help build a stronger community – one that not only supports physical well-being, but also a new psychosocial way of being that fosters bigger thinking and action for all generations now and in the future.

The journey begins as San Diego County Library helps kick off a YOU 177 Generations Dream campaign together with the Legacy Project, an international social research and education group. Named as Gale/LJ Library of the Year, SDC Library will inspire the community and other libraries. Chula Vista Elementary School District will be a model for schools across the county and the country.

"One Book" programs bring an entire community together by encouraging all ages to read and discuss the same book – in this case, the award-winning book Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes by Susan V. Bosak with illustrations by 15 top artists from around the world.

Various libraries in the SDC Library system will also host the Dream Exhibit to engage all ages in dreaming a better community. Children, adults, and elders can explore dreams across a lifetime, through history, and into the future.

So, we all start Dreaming Bigger by sharing our dreams and aspirations across generations. Then we move into action…

Dream Bigger

Community-wide events, activities, convenings and workshops utilizing 7-Generation Thinking further unpack local needs, interests, and assets. We'll broaden community conversation, and share resources and ideas collected from around the world. From families to organizations, you'll get to know your neighbors better, learn new ways of thinking bigger, identify what matters, and help create a vision for a stronger, thriving community.

Create Legacy
Ultimately, we'll help reframe and expand what matters to you and what you're doing to make it bigger and better. We'll help grow collaborative-action "legacy projects" to address needs identified by the community in areas that might range from health and housing to education and social supports to the economy and the environment. There's an untapped power in legacy we can all use to multiply impact.

Find out more about the YOU 177 global r/evolution
YOU 177 is an international, big-picture, social innovation initiative. The Lead Innovator Community is Whitchurch-Stouffville, Canada; other interested communities include Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Tempe, AZ; Tulsa, OK.

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