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One Town, One Book
The clock tower is a defining landmark in WS, originally part of the downtown fire hall, which was demolished.

One of the fastest growing communities in Canada, Whitchurch-Stouffville has a population of 45,000. It's part of the Greater Toronto Area of 6 million people.


We've been one of the fastest growing communities in the country. While we need more physical infrastructure like roads, homes, and schools, we also need social infrastructure – the powerful yet often invisible dynamics that make lives truly meaningful and ensure communities thrive to the benefit of all now and into the future.

United Way Toronto & York Region has identified Whitchurch-Stouffville as a priority community in York Region in need of social infrastructure. You can help grow the heart of your community.

It begins with a dream. Can dreams change your life? Our community? Just think of those four famous words, "I have a dream…" Imagine a place that helps you be the best you can be, that values and celebrates the possibilities in each unique person, both child-friendly and age-friendly. Imagine a better community for all now, in which today's generations create a profound gift for future generations.

We can tap into what really matters to transform everything we do, from the way we live with each other and our planet to how we learn, do business, grow up and grow older.

WS YOU 177 is a whole-community, 7-Generation journey from dreams to legacy, from aspirations to action. It strategically empowers and connects youth, adults, and elders of all ages and abilities for inspired lives in a smart and caring community as part of a more sustainable world.

This is about your life in your community in your world. 1 World we all share, with 7 Billion People each with the power to make a difference, across 7 Generations that all have unique value – and YOU.

Find out more about the YOU 177 global work
Dream by Susan V. Bosak
Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library

The Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library is leading WS YOU 177 One Town, One Book

Ontario Trillium Foundation
United Way Toronto York Region
What People Are Saying

"WS YOU 177 is an important initiative, bringing diverse groups together to build more social infrastructure in WS."
Jim Mason, Editor,
Stouffville Sun-Tribune

"Our school is looking forward to participating in 1 Town, 1 Book and helping to build a stronger community. It’s important for our students to feel they can make a difference in their community."
Diane Sharp, Principal,
St. Brendan School

"The 55 Plus Club enthusiastically supports WS YOU 177 in creating new community ideas and strategies."
Wilf Morley, Past President,
Stouffville 55 Plus Club

"We are very supportive of the collaborative efforts of WS YOU 177 in bringing together generations and local organizations for a stronger community."
Ivan Harris, Director,
WhiStle Radio

"We fully support WS YOU 177 in implementing local innovations of a sustainable nature and building social infrastructure… creating a new way to bring the whole community together."
Paul Crowe, Past President,
Lions Club of Stouffville

WS YOU 177 News & Events
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WS YOU 177 Current Highlights

WS YOU 177 Orange Scarves
Help knit a stronger community with Loops! Learn, teach, share, have fun with knitting, crochet, and sewing. All ages and abilities welcome. Make items for yourself and for the community. We also make Orange Scarves of Caring, given out each year at a big community celebration. Loops meets every Tuesday, 4:00-5:30 pm at Parkview Village Cafe. For more information, call (905) 852-3777. more
Generations Growing
Generations Growing runs into the Fall at the Sunnyridge Park community gardens. It's all about growing great food and new relationships across generations. We welcome children, teens, adults, and elders – people who have never grown anything before and long-time gardeners. Learn, explore, share and harvest veggies for yourself and the WS Food Bank. To participate, e-mail or call (905) 852-3777. more
Generations Making Music
Generations Making Music celebrates the power of music for all ages. Once a month, we get together to make some beautiful music using song and simple instruments. We're also bringing together a local intergenerational choir. No experience needed! Children, teens, parents and grandparents are welcome. There's no cost to participate. To register, e-mail or call (905) 852-3777. more
Listen to a Life Contest
Listen to a Life Story Contest. Everyone has a story – all you have to do is listen. And when young and old come together to talk and listen, they can change each other's lives and our community. WS students are eligible to win a local prize as well as the national award. We're still accepting entries for this year's contest – so start listening! Check out last year's winner. more
WS YOU 177 Age-Friendly
What do you want as you get older? As part of the Age-Friendly Community Analysis in WS, we want to hear from you. What are the needs of local seniors and their families, including those caring for frail elders? How can we build a stronger community that supports and values all ages? What services do you need? Fill out the Community Comments Form. more
WS YOU 177 Community Conversations
Add your voice to the Community Conversation. Community begins in conversation – getting together to learn about and discuss new ideas to make your life in our community better. We're bringing in some top speakers. Read a short summary of the Community Conversation with Dr. Peter Whitehouse and the event with Gord Hume. Watch for the next Community Conversation!
Giant Dream Star at WS Public Library
Have you signed the Generations Pledge? There's a giant, silver and gold Dream Star on the back wall at the WS Public Library waiting for your signature. The WS YOU 177 Generations Pledge reads: We, the Generations of Whitchurch-Stouffville, pledge to Dream Bigger and Create Legacy for a Stronger Community for All, connecting Past, Present, and Future. Check it out!
WS YOU 177 Dream Chain
Every school in WS is part of a Dream Chain! Thanks to grants from United Way TYR and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, local schools get a Dream Discovery presentation with bestselling author and educator Susan V. Bosak. It's part of the WS Public Library's One Town, One Book featuring Dream. Students will be inspired to Dream Bigger! Schedule your school. more
About WS YOU 177
Find out more. WS YOU 177 is a whole-community collaborative that includes the WS Public Library, schools, seniors groups, faith-based groups, service clubs, organizations and businesses. It's by the community, for the community. Find out what it's all about and how you can get involved. You can also check out the TEDxStouffville Talk on 7-Generation Community by Susan V. Bosak. more
Find out more about YOU 177
WS YOU 177 is part of the YOU 177 big-picture, social innovation initiative developed by the Legacy Project, which is based in Whitchurch-Stouffville.

Check out all the WS YOU 177 News & Events. Follow us on Twitter. For regular updates, sign up for the Legacy Project e-newsletter. If you have questions, call the Legacy Project at (905) 852-3777 or e-mail us.