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Legacy Project Homepage
Awards and Reviews
Legacy Project
Awards and Reviews

The Legacy Project reaches millions of children, teens, adults, and elders in families, schools, universities, community groups and other organizations across the continent and around the globe. We're proud to say that we've received a number of awards for our work and resources, and enthusiastic reviews from a variety of sources. We welcome – and appreciate! – your feedback and suggestions. As a grassroots social project, we depend on your involvement and help spreading the word. Connect, Create, Change with the Legacy Project at www.legacyproject.org.

"A must-see project and website. You're going to love it! One of our favorites."
Learning Magazine

"I applaud your mission through the Legacy Project. My mentor Margaret Mead, and her friend and mine Erik Erikson, did a lot to promote intergenerational interdependence. Your work follows on their legacy."
Dr. Wilton Dillon, Senior Scholar Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution

"I look for the gems, and I've just found one. Your project, the beautiful Dream book, and the thought that Susan Bosak brings to her work are outstanding."
Barbara Phillips, QC

"I have been researching the term 'legacy' and came across your website. I really like your definition and explanation, and would like to use your concept in my graduate work."
Haslina Omar, Malaysia

"Congratulations on an excellent Legacy Project that will surely continue to become an icon in cities across the country."
Pamela Pittman, University of Oklahoma

"I just love your site!!! Keep up the good work with this project. I'm telling everyone I know about it."
Jo McLeary, New Zealand

"The Legacy Project offers wonderful, creative, and meaningful activities that have real value."
Parents' Source Magazine

"A 4-Star out of 4 website – excellent content!"
ABCs of Parenting

"A top-rated educational resource."
Classroom Connect

"Editors' Choice – Teacher Approved. Great materials!"
Creative Classroom Magazine

"I am a teacher in the UK and just discovered the Legacy Project. What an excellent, inspiring website with lots of useful teaching resources."
Charlotte Stripp, UK

"I'm amazed with all the extraordinary information I've found at your Legacy Project website. I really got inspired with your program, and I would love to apply it in Venezuela."
Maria Valls, Venezuela

"A great website with great activities! A GREAT project – what else can I say? This is a wonderful resource for my Cub Scouts."
Maureen Menter, Cub Scout Leader, NH

"I love your books, products, and focus. How wonderful! I work with schools across Montana for character education, and so many of your activities work well with our schools."
Arla Gourneau, Montana Department of Education

"This is a fantastic project. I visit your website all the time. What a wonderful idea and great materials for our Girl Scouts."
Melissa Rose, Girl Scouts of Otahki Council, MO

"This is a great project. The Listen to a Life Contest enables children to interview and learn from seniors in their family and community. Your website has lots of valuable educational materials."
Tanya McElfresh, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

"I'm a true believer in your project and resources. What you do is so powerful for advancing girls and has been of tremendous use to our leaders."
Sindy Jagger, Girl Guides of Canada

"I am an advisor for the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, working on a nation-wide reform effort. The Legacy Project is a GREAT opportunity for new ideas for schools."
Barbara Rado Mosseau, United Arab Emirates

"Your intergenerational projects are great! Your website has given me so many more ideas to do with our groups of students and seniors."
Beth Strobel, KY

"I am delighted to recommend the Legacy Project. An outstanding resource with a variety of wonderful activities. A definite winner!"
Don Kyzer, YMCA of the USA Association Resources

"I'm from Jordan and came across your project. As a person working in the education field for more than 30 years, I'm really impressed and fascinated by the Legacy Project. I'd like to apply this project in my school and in other schools here."
Fardous Dakhgan, Jordan

"I'm very impressed with how you run your contests and the quality of the prizes. Thank you very, very much."
Rena Parker, OK

"I want to thank the Legacy Project for providing opportunities for students to connect with family members and older adults they admire. Each year, I enter students in your annual Listen to a Life Essay Contest. They come away from the experience learning important life lessons as well as information they hadn't realized about their grandparents or grandfriends. Most hear advice about the value of education and making positive choices. This is a wonderfully meaningful experience for young and old alike."
Kathy Webb, WI

"I am delighted with the creative ideas on your website and the Dream book. I'd like to run a version of your meaningful Listen to a Life Essay Contest for my students and their grandparents."
Shirley Gregory, Australia

"Dream is an absolutely amazing and beautiful book. It can be used in so many ways and is so inspirational. I use it with my students, and I'm sharing it with the teachers I teach and everyone else I know!"
Allison Ashworth, ON

"I did a presentation of Dream to my middle school students using your materials. The kids still keep coming up to me and asking if they can see the illustrations again. I even heard some of them repeating 'Dream a dream with me' at lunch today. This project has made a huge impression on my students!"
Tamara Wolpowitz, Malta

"We've used Dream for our school-wide theme. The principal read it to all the students and our display cases are filled with ideas from the book. Your project has made a huge difference to our students, staff, parents, and community."
Angie Smith, AB

"Our school created a play based on the Dream book as part of a three-year anti-bullying project. We have a population of around 345 students and everyone worked together to make 1500 origami Dream Stars! It was an awesome experience for all. Some students wrote about hoping to have more time with Mom, or about parents not being together, or about their desire to do their best in school, or about something they could do in the community. The stars now hang proudly in each classroom."
Paola Cherrier, ON

"As an inner city school we have many challenges. We've used your project with our whole school, including parents. The ability to dream opens doors for our students and sends a very caring message. Students need to plan their lives, dare to dream, and then as a community we can help them commit and work together to bring their own personal dreams to fruition."
Kelly Code-McNeil, NS

"Dream is an inspiration not only to children but to educators as well. I use this book in my classroom and the connections to all strands of the curriculum are endless. Your website has a very comprehensive list of activities around the book that really work to inspire children and adults. This project truly transcends age and reminds us that we should never give up on our dreams!"
Susie Stamatopoulos, ON

"Staff and students are still raving about author Susan Bosak's visit to our school. Susan is such a dynamic presenter and knew exactly how to adapt her material to the different grades. The follow-up activities on your website mean we're taking what she started and running with it."
Eileen Arruda, ON

"We held our first – and VERY successful – grandmother-granddaughter program. We used the book Something to Remember Me By which was read aloud by a local children's librarian. Each grandmother-granddaughter pair took home a book from the program. We took photos of each pair and they decorated frames for the photos. Of course we had refreshments and lots of informal visiting. Thank you so much for the book and website that prompted the idea for our program. It will be the first of many intergenerational programs!"
Kit Huggard, Adirondack Girl Scout Council, NY

"This really is fantastic! I've ordered the complete Across Generations 4-kit series. I'm looking forward to using the materials with my fourth graders as soon as possible. Thanks!"
Dina Pomeranz, NY

"I ordered the Across Generations Starter Set and we've just completed a family history unit based on your materials. We decided to bring the project to a closure by inviting parents to an evening Open House which would highlight all the activities we had completed. It was an enormous success! In my 25 years of teaching I have never received as many compliments about a unit of study as I did that night. The next morning the comments continued to come in through thank you cards and e-mails. Parents, and many grandparents, were thrilled with all that the students learned, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thank you for such a great project!"
Heather Pedersen, BC

"What an inspiring project! The materials are top quality. I love them! I've ordered a copy of all the activity kits for each of our 15 centers across the state."
Nicole Hargraves, Florida Department of Volunteer & Intergenerational Initiatives

"WOW! Very impressive! An Activity Director's 'Dream-Come-True'. A multitude of easy-to-follow, creative, meaningful and, most importantly, fun activity ideas for use with children and seniors. This is the most comprehensive selection of intergenerational ideas and resource lists I've ever seen – and you can order them all in one binder! Congratulations on the production of such extensive and worthwhile materials."
Karen M. Schaefer, Editor, CanGO Quarterly Magazine

"I just discovered your website and I love it! Thanks! Keep up the great work."
Becky Cerar, MN

"This is a fun and rewarding project for our family. Thank you!"
Donna Thomas, IN

"Thank you so much for this valuable project for our school. This certainly gives us many more ideas for expanding our activities."
Joy Drummond, AL

"Our family is so pleased with your website and visit often. Keep up the good work!"
Bonnie Jackson, ON

"Wow! I think the kits are super incredible! I'm really glad you make them available online. It makes things much more do-able. Thanks again."
Amie Johnson, CA

"An excellent resource full of exciting activities. Your contests are the best. Thanks for providing a real purpose for our student writing that will have a true and lasting impact on their lives."
Gwen Wilson, NS

"As a teacher and a grandparent, I would like to thank your organization for the fantastic job you are doing. I now have your beautiful certificates for my students to choose from and the valuable information and activities. Thank you again."
Patty Bigelow, CO

"Your work and resources have truly made a difference in education in Texas."
Susan Talkmitt, Texas Tech University

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop. As a teacher of literacy, a parent, and a dreamer, I was moved and inspired. The day was filled with possibilities!"
Judy Harris, NJ

"I attended Susan Bosak's presentation the other day and I have to take a minute to tell you how impressive it was. I had previously discovered your website and books while planning advisory activities on goal setting, life planning, careers, etc. Now I'm really 'pumped' for next year's activities at my school."
Sandy Vogt, OH

"Thank you so much for this wonderful project. The activities are great. I can't begin to express how much I appreciate the time you have invested in this project."
Tracey Pelchat, NE

"I have spent hours perusing and reading your website... so much wonderful and good information."
Karen Valenti, MI

"Thank you for providing this wonderful Legacy Project for all generations."
Teri Kimbell, CO

E-mail us your comments – we appreciate hearing from you!