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Get involved with the Legacy Project and grow something BIG

In her often-quoted call to action, anthropologist Margaret Mead reminds us to "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Get involved with the Legacy Project and help grow a big idea.

Connect, Create, Change. By getting involved with the Legacy Project, your impact becomes bigger.

We all live our own story. But often we get stuck in little stories that fail to sustain us or effect real change. This is about a bigger story.

We all need to move toward a bigger story to prompt bigger, better ways of thinking, acting, interacting, and being. To find out more about why the Legacy Project does what we do, read Our Story.

What's your story? Do you have the courage to grow a new story for yourself and our world?

Join us in the YOU 177 journey from dreams to legacy, aspirations to action, to build a 7-Generation World. We can tap into what really matters for bold innovation to transform everything we do – from the way we live with each other and our planet to how we learn, do business, grow up and grow older – for the wellbeing of lives, communities, the planet.

How do you start? First, sign up for our newsletter and tell others about the Legacy Project's ideas. We put a lot of work into providing you with a high-quality website at www.legacyproject.org that has lots of free, thought-provoking, useful content. We're always adding new content and new ways to grow. Use our online resources and our books.

Second, we also need your tangible support. Our goal is to keep the Legacy Project independent, to keep our website resources free, and not to post commercial ads on our website. We want you to enjoy your visit to our website and we want to keep the communication as genuine as possible. We want to give you our best. That's what we value. And you receive direct benefits from the investments you choose to make in the Legacy Project – whether it's your time, money, or a part of who you are. You receive quality content, innovative ideas, and practical solutions to create and celebrate the best of who you are, connect with others in a meaningful way, and take effective steps to change our world for the better. In every way you participate in the Legacy Project, you learn something and grow. That's the essence of living.

This isn't about us. It's about your life and your world, and having the courage to believe in something and step up. It's big – and big makes more possible. There are three tangible ways you can support this vital community and global innovation work:

1. Vote With Your Dollars

Everyone needs a dream!
We all vote with our dollars every day. We tell stores and manufacturers what we value every time we purchase a product or service.

upport our work by purchasing printed books and other resources, either in bookstores or online. For example, Dream and A Little Something are inspiring gifts for family and friends, and powerful educational resources. You can also purchase copies to donate to your local school or a community group (e.g. Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Camp Fire).

Proceeds from book sales go into community and global work, and keeping that work non-commercial, people and innovation-focused, and authentic.

2. Share What Matters

YOU 177 is a journey from dreams to legacy to Build a 7-Generation World
We don't just want your money. We want your mind, your heart, and your energy. Start your YOU 177 journey.

Don't forget to spread the word through your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Click on the social media icons at the bottom of this webpage to connect with us.

3. Become a 7-Generation Partner

7-Generation Thinking
As a global community, we face complex, interconnected challenges from the economy to social supports to the environment. A 7-Generation approach is a new way to think about and act on those challenges. The Legacy Project is currently fundraising to expand YOU 177. This is about bigger ideas, ideas that work, ideas that make a difference.

Our partners include United Way, Trillium Foundation, Generations United, and Lenovo. Your organization or business can become a
7-Generation Partner, sharing ideas and resources.

For more information on any of the ways you can get involved with the Legacy Project, contact us by e-mail or at 1-800-772-7765. Follow the Legacy Project @legacycubed on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and View videos on YouTube, including Legacy Project Co-Founder Susan Bosak's TEDx Talk. You can also sign up for our Legacy Project newsletter to stay updated on what's happening.