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Sometimes it's as simple as doing one thing to get started

For some people, figuring out a dream or a goal is the hardest part. For others, starting to work toward it is the obstacle. Some goals seem so big and impossible that you don't know where to start. Sometimes the best way to start is to do One Thing.

For example, most people agree that we have to do more to take care of our planet and stop global warming. And we know we better start now. But many of us get intimidated, overwhelmed or just plain confused by challenges that seem beyond our control. "How can I change the world?"

Well, you don't have to. That's the whole point of One Thing. You don't have to do everything. You just have to start by knowing what the goal is, and doing One Thing with determination to work toward that goal. Do your One Thing today. Do your One Thing tomorrow. And maybe do two or three One Things the next day. And you know what? If we all do that... we really can change the world. One Thing at a time.

One Thing is a mindset. It's the realization that you can have a dramatic impact on the future by doing One Thing. One Thing is an action. It's much better than doing No Thing.

There are 7 billion people on planet Earth. If each person did just One Thing, that would be 7 billion One Things. If everyone did One Thing every day, that's 7 billion times 365 days every year. That's a whole lot of One Things. And if One Thing leads to another, pretty soon there could be so many people doing so many One Things, there would be enough things to change the health of our planet. And that's everything.

So, One Thing is not a small thing.

Staying with the example of helping to take care of planet Earth, what's One Thing you can do to make a difference today? Whether it's walking instead of taking a car, recycling, or turning off the lights when you leave a room, it counts as One Thing. Create a poster to celebrate your One Thing.

If you're working on a Dream Star, the first step is to write your name and your dream on the front. Your dream or goal can be something you'd like to be or do, a dream for your community, or a dream for our world. On the back of the Dream Star, write down One Thing you can do right now to get started on your dream. Maybe it's as simple as reading a book about your goal. Maybe it's signing up for lessons, or coming up with a step-by-step plan and deadlines for each step. Everything starts with that first One Thing.

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